The first thought that comes into mind for any renovation project is budget. Lower budget projects tend to have cheaper materials. From flooring materials to paint, every product/ material in a home renovation has its grade of quality. Spending the extra dollar on certain materials does go a long way. Quality materials tend to be more durable, reliable, and often times nicer. Resulting in a longer lasting and generally nicer renovated room/space.

Renovation Budget

The cost of a renovation can be attributed to 2 things. Installation, and material costs. That’s it!

The easiest way to control your costs is to set a budget for materials which will support your requirements for material quality and aesthetics.  When you are shopping for materials, speak to the salesperson about current specials, or clearance items. It never hurts to ask. One of the biggest benefits of being a Carpet One cooperative is the chance to offer warehouse specials, and strong buying power to lower the final cost on materials for our customers.

When deciding on a material, ask about the installation process. How long does installation normally take?  Throughout the process, remember to balance your concern for budgets with an appropriate quality and style for your design.

Quality Renovation

Renovation quality is defined by the same two things defining our cost: materials, and installation.  If you decide to renovate your kitchen, you will need to think about more than just the cost of a material.  Think about how much time you spend in the area. Will it see much foot traffic? Are spills, or other accidents (such as dropped silverware) a likely possibility?

For these reasons, an experienced renovation expert will suggest vinyl, tile, or select hardwoods for the kitchen. Marble countertops are extremely popular for their durability and resistance to effects from moisture.

To make this a little more interesting, each type of material has its own system for rating quality. Laminate floors have a wear rating, while wood flooring uses the Janka scale to measure the hardness of a particular wood. The tile will use up to 5 different ratings for a single product.

Big box warehouse locations rarely inform their customers about what to look for when choosing their materials. If you happen to walk into our showroom, we will gladly take the time to explain a product to you, and how it might suit your personal renovation plans.